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Samos Island | Useful Information


Municipality of Samos: 22733 50103
Please use the prefix 22730 as an area code for all the 5 digit telephone numbers below.  
Centre for Emergency Medical Assistance: 166
Samos General Hospital: 83100
Karlovasi Health Centre: 32222
Pythagorio Regional Infirmary: 91898
Marathokampos Regional Infirmary: 31207
Hellenic Police First Responders: 22100
Samos Police Directorate: 87315-6
Police Station of Karlovasi: 32444
Police Station of Pythagorio: 61100
Police Station of Marathokampos: 31222
Fire Brigade  
Fire Brigade (Nationwide centre): 199
Fire Brigade of Samos: 23062
Environmental protection: 24740
Forestry Directorate: 27435
Port Authorities  
Samos Port Authority: 27318, 27890
Karlovasi Port Station: 30888
Pythagorio Port Station:: 61225
Samos Airport: 87800-9
Post offices  
Hellenic Post Offices of Samos:
Daily open, Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 14.30 Saturday and Sunday closed
27304, 28820
Archaeological Museum of Samos: 27469
Archaeological Museum of Pythagorio: 61400
Samos Wine Museum: 87556
Natural History Museum: 52055
Folklore Museum (Dimitriou Foundation) 88383
Folklore Museum of Karlovasi: 32265
Intercity Bus Service (KTEL)  
Samos bus station: 27262
Samos Taxi: 28404
Karlovasi Taxi: 30777
Pythagorio Taxi: 61440
Marathokampos Taxi: 31000
Votsalakia Taxi: 37600

Banks are open from Monday to Thursday from 08.30 to 14.30 Friday from 08.30 to 14.00 Saturday and Sunday closed.
Other Services  
Hotel Association of Samos: 23973
Chamber: 87970

Samos Island | The Triangle of Happiness

Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras, inspires you to explore all the different sides of yourself. Sun and sea, history and culture, breathtaking landscapes and unique beaches, gastronomy and fine wines, authentic people and hospitality.

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